Large Classic Ark

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Witness little hands march animal figures and small toys up the ramp to the safety of the ark before it’s launched into a tumultuous sea of blankets and pillows without warning. To see exactly how these animals get along once inside, the back face has a large opening which ensures predators and prey can be appropriately separated when necessary. The ramp and the hut can also be moved to help accommodate for larger species or for the occasional dinosaur who also might want to take a ride on the ark’s top deck.

Beautifully designed and crafted on the Gold Coast from premium grade plywood, Sunday the Ark arrives unassembled in pieces which fit together with a satisfying ‘click’. This unique design means that it can be put together by little hands with adult supervision. When the flood has ended, it can simply be disassembled or left out on display ready for the next epic adventure across the seas.

L 41cm x W 23.5cm x H 22cm